Sue Bridehead and the New Woman.

This is some part of the essay that i managed to reproduce from the  Sue Bridehead and New Woman. I hope this would be useful for my friends

 Jude is a truly radical novel because it takes reality apart. It doesn’t merely reproduce reality, but exposes its flaws and mystification. You cannot come to terms with the novel either as a moral fable or as an exhibition of social reality because it is the very terms of such structures, their ideological base that it interrogates. Learning, labour and love , the three human activities on which bourgeois ideology bases its libertarian pride are shown to be denied by “something external”.

Critics on Sue and Goode’s responses.

Usually critics make two comments about Sue1. Hardy’s presentation of Sue is inconsistent, 2. She is neurotic frigid woman. Both these are false representation of the text. Lawrence makes the most extreme version of second reading. He sees Sue as no woman but a witch. Her attraction to Jude is in reaction to the incomprehensible womanliness of Arabella. Lawrence finds problems with Sue’s “maleness” or her ability to articulate. The ideology of sexism emphasize that woman achieves her womanliness at the point at which she is silent. Kate Millet is the prominent figure who criticised Lawrence’s argument. She contends that the inconsistencies of Sue is part of the limitations of the novelist. She says that Sue is powerful and she articulates against the sexual politics. Thus she is treated as an enigma, a pathetic creature, a nut and an iceberg. Goode rejects both the argument, the first Lawrence as she is sexless and Millet as she hates sex. They commit the mistake of judging like this because they muddle with the class system and sexual politics.

            The argument of Goode is that is she has a potential coherence which is kept at bay by her function. She is a New Woman as the later feminist would consider because she has a choice in her sexuality. She engages in sexual act as she wills. She is at the same time as an image and logic of the period. The most radical about the novel is that sexuality is not left as a kind of idyllic enclave within the oppressive social system. Sue’s challenge to marriage is a challenge to the social structure. Both Sue and Jude aspire is comradeship beyond the social structure. She seems to be peculiar for the society which wants place her along with the constructed womanhood. Her rejection social norms, her articulation her ideas and free choice of sexuality make her a New woman

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3 Responses to Sue Bridehead and the New Woman.

  1. artinlit says:

    Thank you for the priceless effort you have made for the benefit of your peers.

  2. when denial being the ideology of capitalistic and it’s pimps, we have to welcome Sues. I really wants to read this particular novel. well done and thanks Mr.Saleem, for giving this nice review.

  3. wati says:

    Saved my paper on John Goode or i was going screwed….=)

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